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Previously purged; now returned.

Been killing for an hour solid.

Opened up the throttle— veered the truck right into these sons of bitches. The first natural thing I’ve felt in weeks.


Punisher #13

Rick Remender + Tony Moore

Frank Castle as depicted by Stephen Segovia

Mitch Gerads is doing this again.

The first comparison is especially shady, since it lines up even in small details like the strands of her hair. The second requires a flip, but it’s equally comparable. The last one I could not find an exact match for, but it definitely feels like Checchetto’s art style. As someone who digs through issues to make photosets on a regular basis, I’m familiar enough to grab these panels easily. Especially considering Rachel barely has twenty issues of canon to her name.

There’s been odd differences in how Gerads’ style morphs issues to issue. In fact, Frank has looked very reminiscent of Goran Parlov’s Punisher in this last arc — very unlike how Gerads was drawing him in the first issues. Art styles certainly evolve and shift, but not like this.

Punisher #13

Rick Remender + Tony Moore

Did it not occur to you when I woke up to see my dead friend standing next to my bed — it might cause me to be upset?

This should be like the kind of thing you’d think about and realize, “hey, this is a terrible idea!”

Punisher #14 + Franken-Castle #17

Rick Remender, Tony Moore, + Roland Boschi

Punisher #12

Rick Remender + Tony Moore

Frank Castle as depicted by Lan Medina

Is Punisher sold his soul? In MAX and Born Ennis mentioned from this. Jason Aaron said its PTSD. Other writers said something dark happened to him in Vietnam. What do you think?

I am always reluctant to talk about Born since it seems to be the one topic to get a load of “WELL, ACTUALLY…” responses. Before this blog was remade, I had a more thorough write-up on the subject. I may recreate it, but I’ve been busy and I’d rather not leave this ask sitting. So, I’ll be brief this time.

There is an interview with Garth Ennis and he mentions Born, and the guts of it is this.

Geek: Speaking of The Punisher MAX line, I am absolutely fascinated by your run. After reading Punisher: Born I began to wonder if Frank is actually driven by some sort of supernatural dark force. Could he be considered someone that’s been gifted with a higher (or lower) power?

Ennis: To me, that whole sequence was about – it’s written in that classic way where maybe it’s there, maybe it’s all in his head. It’s more a man coming to terms with his own fate, his own destiny, and the path he’ll walk through the world. A man being honest with himself about who he is. At home he has the wife, the kid, the other kid on the way, meanwhile he’s up to his neck in horror. He likes it, and he’s coming to terms with that and admitting it.

Ultimately, it’s his ability to embrace this that allows him to survive and come home to his wife and kids. He’s made a kind of deal with the attraction to the violence in himself that will, in a way, draw his family into that world too. Again, you can read it anyway you want (laughs) but that’s my own personal take!

Considering this is Garth Ennis, who notoriously dislikes ‘super power’ antics (he has a trend of making powered heroes look bad compared to his everyday badass vigilantes), I think it’s highly doubtful that he’d use the plot device of Frank literally selling his soul — especially in Punisher MAX which is his gritty “real world.” Again, as Ennis says: you can read it however you want! Personally, I don’t read it as a deal with the devil.

However, on the other hand, for his 616 run, Ennis didn’t retcon “Angel” Punisher. He made a sly joke about it, that means it’s still in continuity. So, the more you know!

H-he didn’t even twitch the whole time, boss. I thought maybe he had drowned.

Amazing Spider-Man #577

Zeb Wells + Paolo Rivera

which Punisher do you like most Ennis's or Rucka's?

That’s a difficult question, since they’re very different and unique runs! I like them for different reasons. In the end, I would say it always comes down to Ennis. He had a longer run on the character, and he defined Frank Castle in his modern interpretation. Punisher MAX, as a whole, is incredibly hard to match. Rucka’s run was very good, but his full intentions for the character weren’t completely realized. The run was canceled before Rucka was able to do all the things he wanted, so there is a lot of untapped potential, whereas Ennis had years to explore every dark corner he could. Those limited issues by Rucka are wonderful, but standing them up to the bulk and depth of Ennis’ work is just not going to compare.

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